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Project Description

The SunZia Southwest Transmission Project consists of 518 miles of two single-circuit 500 kV transmission lines. SunZia is designed to connect and deliver electricity generated in Arizona and New Mexico to population centers in the Desert Southwest.

The electricity distributed by SunZia will help meet the nation's demand for renewable energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels for power production.

During January 2015, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approved SunZia's application for right-of-way across federal property.  


Land Use

icon2The total length of the SunZia Project is 518 miles and is comprised of 180 miles of federal land, 230 miles of state trust land and 108 miles of private land in Arizona and New Mexico. View maps.

icon2Right-of-way corridors for both lines may be up to 1,000 feet, depending on terrain conditions. The typical right-of-way width is 200 feet per 500 kV circuit.

 icon2Use of private property will be acquired through fee purchase and easements.  Negotiations with private land owners are currently underway.


Typical Characteristics of 500 kV Transmission Lines

icon2Lattice steel towers (see below for images of typical tower structure drawings)

icon2Towers will be approximately 135 feet in height. Tower heights will vary depending on terrain.

icon2The distance between towers will be approximately 1,400 feet. This separation will vary depending on route elevation and terrain.

icon2Access to line and tower locations will make maximum use of exisiting roadways.  New roads, mainly for construction use, will be needed.

icon2The project may utilize aerial construction techniques to minimize ground disturbance.  


Typical Tower Designs

tower design


Configuration Options

1. Two single-circuit 500 kV AC lines that have an approved rating of 3,000 MW from the Western Electricity Coordinating Council.

2. One single-circuit 500 kV AC line and one single circuit 500 kV DC line with an estimated power transfer capacity of up to 4,500 megawatts.

Configuration number 2 will depend on how much power transfer capacity is in demand by the energy market in the Desert Southwest.  

An Economic Impact Assessment was jointly prepared by:


Economic and Business Research Center                   Arrowhead Center, Inc.
           Eller College of Management                          New Mexico State University
             The University of Arizona                                Las Cruces, New Mexico
Tucson, Arizona                                                              



Summary of Economic Impacts to Arizona
  Over $145 million in estimated wages and salaries (including benefits) during construction of SunZia
  Over $25 million in state and local taxes during construction of SunZia
  Over $5 million per year in wages and salaries during operation


      SunZia Southwest Transmission Project

   Economic Impact Assessment on the State

                of New Mexico an Update

                    (November 9,2017)













Project Team

tom wray webTom Wray – Project Manager

As Project Manager for the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, Mr. Wray is responsible for the overall coordination and completion of all required development.  Click here for more information on the development of the SunZia Project. 

Mr. Wray has forty four years' experience in the domestic electric power industry, focusing on EHV transmission and large power generation project development. He is considered an expert in the siting, development and regulatory approvals of greenfield generation and transmission projects.

His previous positions include founding partner in SouthWestern Power Group; founding partner of Groves, Wray and Associates; numerous positions over a seventeen year career with Public Service Company of New Mexico; and past membership in the New Mexico State Senate. He was the author of the country's first legislative initiative authorizing customer choice, open access and retail competition in the electric utility industry.

Mr. Wray holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University, and graduate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado and business administration from the University of New Mexico.

cindy bailey webCindy Freeman – Assistant Project Manager

As Assistant Project Manager, Mrs. Freeman's primary responsibility is to aid the management and completion of all development activities for the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project.  She also provides representation for the Project Manager in numerous forums. 

Mrs. Freeman received a B.A. from the University of Arizona.



mark etherton web

Mark Etherton – Engineering Manager

Mr. Etherton is the Engineering Manager for the development of the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project. 

Mr. Etherton is the founder of Transco.Energy, LLC, a regional transmission and energy consulting group, and leads many of the engineering efforts for the SunZia Project.  He has thirty-one years of electric utility experience with responsibilities ranging from project management, system planning and analysis, protective relaying, substation design and communications systems, as well as approximately nine years in utility supervision and management. Mr. Etherton has been actively involved with the regional transmission planning organizations, including: WestConnect; Southwest Area Transmission Subregional Planning Group and its various subcommittees; independent power producers and the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Mr. Etherton achieved a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (with an emphasis in Power Systems) from New Mexico State University.  He has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Arizona since February 1990. 


david getts web

David Getts - General Manager of SouthWestern Power Group

Mr. Getts joined SouthWestern Power Group in 2001 and is responsible for the overall business and project development efforts of the company which includes the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project.

Prior to joining SWPG, Mr. Getts was a banker for 15 years financing infrastructure projects in Europe and the US, with an emphasis on the power generation industry. He has financed over 20 projects in the power generation, transportation and metals industries. He has arranged over $4.0 billion of project finance debt and over $750 million of private equity finance related to infrastructure projects.

Prior to his banking career, Mr. Getts was an engineer in the petrochemical industry in Europe and the Middle East for 7 years.



gary crane web

Gary Crane - Environmental Manager

Dr. Crane is the Environmental Manager for the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project and is responsible for environmental permitting activities as defined by local, state, and federal agencies.

Dr. Crane has extensive experience negotiating and serving as a liaison with regulatory agencies, permitting, compliance and environmental law. He has technical expertise in computer modeling, statistical analysis, technical writing and expert testimony.

Dr. Crane's previous positions included Vice President of Environmental Engineering for Ogden Energy Group, Inc.; Project Manager for Parson Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc.; Scientific Consultant and Atmospheric Scientist for Goddard Institute of Space Studies; Environmental Consulting Engineer for United Engineers and Constructors, Inc.; and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Physics for City University of New York. 


martin bailey webMartin Bailey – Real Property Manager

Mr. Bailey the Real Property Manager for the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project and is responsible for all real property activities.

Mr. Bailey has over 20 years of experience in real estate and property management and the development of real estate assets. He served as a director for several Native American councils and organizations promoting resource management and economic development.

His previous positions include Director of Real Estate Services for the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe; Coordinator and Land Use Specialist for the Colorado River Indian Tribes; and Senior Appraiser and Development Officer for Bank of America.





 The SunZia Southwest Transmission Project is sponsored by the following companies:


 swpg logonewSouthWestern Power Group II/MMR Group

srp logo  Salt River Project                 












Anchor Tenants

SunZia's Anchor Tenant Process
(updated October 19, 2016)
The SunZia Southwest Transmission Project completed selection of its anchor customer in August 2016 for the first 500 kV transmission facility and, subject to regulatory approval, is in the process of negotiating a binding precedent agreement that will lead to a binding transmission service agreement for the transmission capacity. To fulfill this transmission capacity request, all of the available merchant capacity of the first 500 kV transmission facility will be subscribed.